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  • Advertising commercial photography
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  • Weddings, christenings, artistic and social events, photography & digital video.
  • Print from digital media: CD, Smart media, Compact Flash, Memory stick, Floppy Disc, Zip prints in all sizes up billboards.

The shooting of a mystery is a very serious matter and should be done by experienced photographers with passion. The recording of your Special Day is an arty and specialized project.

The best way to keep alive the day of your wedding is a perfect photo album. This means that you have to find the best photographer! Us! With high sense of professionalism and responsibility, in any event (weddings, christenings, etc) we are fully equipped so as to ensure that your special moment will stay properly imprinted.

Since, your wedding day will pass and the memories begin to fade, photographs are those that will remind you moments that will awaken feelings. While you will be seeing these pictures for the rest of your life, don’t you want to leave you a sense of absolute satisfaction? How would you feel if you saw "flat" and boring photos?

To organize a wedding is one of the most enthusiastic but hard facts. The AR SIGNATURE’s team gives you the necessary advice that will be useful to capture the most intense and pleasant moments of your life. Do not forget, the images are what stay alive and keep our memories.

In wedding photography there are two general directions: 1) the modern, the Wedding Photojournalism, recording moments with the specific special interest and 2) the lifestyle trend that is trying to beautify people and situations and often has nothing to do with the events and the “atmosphere “ that prevailed at the wedding. In the first case the photographer adapt to the needs of the couple and the circumstances, while in the second case he intervenes drastically and guides.

Extremely important is also the bride's hairstyle and especially the makeup; of course we do not want to indicate your makeup styling, but to advice you for best photographic results.

Photographing a mystery (especially marriage) is not a simple fact printing. It needs great skills and sensitivity by the photographer, appropriate parameters’ regulation- and mostly light and framing -and wise choice of moments that will be captured   through the photographic lens. When the couple is looking at the marriage’s photos, must be filled of feelings (moved to laugh, be longed to cry ...). If it remains indifferent photography has failed.

AR SIGNATURE firmly believes in partnership and chemistry between the photographer and the couple for an excellent final result! We are with you before, during and after the wedding. Our goal is not to make you another one photo album, but to capture with the best way the most important moments of your life. Moments that you will remember forever, as the principle of your common life. Moments which you will show to your children and your children's children. In the process of video editing we choose the best shots-the most dynamic moments and we add them color, music and rhythm. So, we manage to convert those special and unique moments of your wedding in a fairytale!

With great zeal we overcome ourselves to each video, in order to give you the opportunity to keep the best forever! You just smile and leave everything else to us!