Our Tansportation services includes:

  • Wedding limousines
  • Limousine or luxury vans
  • Reception and transfer directly from the arrivals-airport
  • Luggage Transfer
  • Group transportation
  • Vehicles with air conditioning
  • Tinted windows
  • TV / DVD
  • Auto services 


Appear with elegance at your marriage or an exclusive event in the car of your dreams and also to be driven by chauffeur! We offer a wide variety of car models, from which you can choose the size and style that suits with your individual needs: Small or minibus, 4x4, limousines and automated. Just select the most appropriate solution for your marriage, VIP transportation, business or corporate events, group transportation, for a trip or vacation and everywhere else you need it; we have the most suitable cars to meet your requirements.


The arrival of the bride to the church where the sacrament of marriage takes place is especially impressive if you use a shiny limousine, a rare car - antique, or even a modern and classy convertible. The big moment came! The moment that your wedding is a fact! All this time you get very tired so that everything be perfect and finally the time has come! Surely you deserve to show up in church like a princess, reaching comfortably and triumphantly with a luxury car, a limousine that will make sense! After all, today is your day, why not enjoy the luxury? You deserve it!

If you don’t own one of these expensive cars or someone you know you can hire one from the list we suggest you. Choose a luxury car that will make you feel comfortable, but when choosing it have always in mind the location of the church and the weather conditions that are going to be on your wedding date. In one of the most beautiful moments of your life ... your wedding, we offer luxury, comfort and perfection with beautiful cars. Choose the fabulous car which going to make an impressive arrival at the church where all eyes will be upon you.


If you want to live a princely marriage in every sense of the word, select a stunning way to your arrival at the church. The many-position limousines are the perfect choice to impress this particular day! Featuring spacious rooms, the many-position limousine can transport you and your rich in volume wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids and the man who will accompany you to the church and deliver you to the groom.

The many-position Limousine offers comfort that you can take advantage of throughout the duration of your staying in it. You can make your last corrections to your bridal hairstyle before you enter the church, small corrections to your makeup for your wedding reception that will follow, as well as you can  enjoy with your partner a drink during your transportation to the wedding reception. The many-position limousine offers comfort and sophistication, invest on it!


If your wedding has romantic tone, with lace wedding dress and antique jewelry, then you should choose the car that suits it and decorate accordingly! Apart from the buggy with horses, which becoming increasingly hard to find, vehicle options for a romantic wedding are enough.

If you have decided to rent a vintage car, start the search early. You understand that because these cars are scarce, you should find on time what you like and close it for your wedding day. The ideal color is white or black, but what counts is the feeling that always creates a well-preserved antique.

Furthermore, we at AR SIGNATURE will give you some ideas to decorate it in order to leave the best impression on the happiest day of your life.        


Are you organizing your wedding or other event in the summer and thinking how will you make a spectacular entrance? Then the ideal choice for you is a convertible car! An impressive two-seat convertible car or even four-seated will make you feel perfect. Select a convertible car of your choice; and we at AR SIGNATURE will decorate it according to your event.


For an impressive transfer for any event, the ideal solution is antique limousine. Choose a season car to drive you and you will feel like you live in another time. It is well suited for weddings, but also for more casual corporate events, as it stands out and makes an impression of stability and tradition.