ice sculptures

A stylish ice sculpture will convert any event into a happening with an extraordinary feel of elegance.

Do you want to impress your guests? Then place at your event some clear ice sculptures with the needed lighting and the result will be amazing! They will immediately attract the eyes with the splendor and specificity that are characterized with. The ice sculptures are addressed to all kinds of events such as:

  • Weddings 
  • Engagements
  • Christenings
  • Corporate and social events
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Private Party

These sculptures are made from ice, which gives a crystal clear texture that really impresses. AR SIGNATURE uses special equipment and specially trained technicians who carry them at the event with special cars - refrigerators, half an hour before the reception starts. The time that the sculptures remain unchanged at room temperature where your event takes place is about 6-8 hours, after this timeframe they begin to lose some of their details...

Presentation of the ice sculptures

  • They create a romantic setting
  • They create a sense of hospitality
  • They create an excellent framework for your corporate logo.

We are able to make sculpture any of your ideas but we need to give as the time and the size of the idea to have the potential limit. Ice sculptures usually have a maximum height of about 1 meter. Also if you wish we can place over or around the sculpture can ice cubes, flowers, fish, fruits, drinks and even can be mounted on smaller sculptures on your guests’ table for even more impressive results... 


For the companies as well is a magnificent décor for your events. You are going to find a huge variety of ideas for ice sculptures that will want to place your event, which will meet the needs of the most demanding of you.

Services Products

  • Constructions of ice
  • Decorations weddings and christenings with ice sculptures
  • Organization of receptions with ice sculptures
  • Ice Bar
  • Party with ice
  • Buffet of ice

The equipment that the ice sculptures feature helps in the presentation of sculpture in a unique way, drawing all eyes on them. Professionalism, reliability and creative imagination are the keys to successful long-term course of the company. For AR SIGNATURE the challenge and the restriction are only the concept you have for your event. There is a large collection of ice sculptures, which can be decorated with flowers and many other materials you wish.

We are very proud of the originality and uniqueness that we can offer to our customers in every kind of decoration. There are many suggestions for decorating the wedding reception. Indicative we can mention some: for welcome drink we recommend an ice bar, where refreshments are served during the entrance of the guests and also during the reception. We can place on the tables small ice sculptures with embedded roses or the initials of the couple. The ice sculptures are presented on special bases that are illuminated, creating dreamlike scenery, which makes real the fairytale of the couple and enchant your guests! Ice sculptures in the shape of swan are preferred in weddings because swans symbolize monogamy.

Apart from the wedding receptions we at AR SIGNATURE address to every kind of social and professional manifestation, campaigns, inaugurations, conventions, seminars and generally any kind of reception and event that there is the necessity to present something impressive with grandeur and unique.