As a successful businessman you are used to set high goals and one of the most important target for you is to entertain your clients or staff; from a small number to some thousands, at your property or not, in specially decorated gazebo or at elite settings  AR SIGNATURE provides  the way and knowledge to generate a memorable happening!


  • Events
  • Opening
  • Party
  • Presentations
  • Business lunches
  • Refreshments for meetings
  • Privileged menus for occasional events-promotions

AR SIGNATURE is acquiring the organization of receptions, meals, parties and special events to mark important personal and professional circumstances of your life. AR SIGNATURE’s design meets the magical charm of the natural environment. The exclusive venues that AR SIGNATURE has cooperation with, addressed to all of you who know how to appreciate the value of the original. They are designed with elegance, functionality and the culture of hospitality. So Indulge in the sophisticated charm of exclusive!

The modernized equipment, the inventiveness of the chefs and the staff of AR SIGNATURE are fully mobilized so that each selected place is going to make a perfect backdrop for the hospitality of the honoree and colleagues. The choice of catering is done through a wide range of tastes which includes recipes for all tastes and from all over the world. The presentation of dishes is characterized by great elegance and aesthetic terms. 


Keeping high standards, we conduct all corporate events, inside or outside the workplace, depending on the preference of the person responsible for the event. We transfer to your office the dishes and the right equipment, to acquire a restaurant’s good style.

AR SIGNATURE is able to handle the individual requirements of each area and create the conditions so that enabling guests to acclimatize and combine their professional obligations with enjoyment.

AR SIGNATURE‘s essential object is the professional catering which seamlessly and dynamically serve; our philosophy is to have the culinary tradition of our country with the combination of the valuable goods from the earth and sea; and thus we continue our journey into the magical world of flavors, offering our customers high quality services, which are characterized by professionalism, creativity, aesthetic and reasonable prices.

We are proud that especially nowadays, at the era of easy solution, fast food and questionable quality we insist on our principles and we work intensively- always sustained to them!


AR SIGNATURE covers the needs of businesses’ catering, with a sense of the requirements of the company and employees. Where there is adequate infrastructure, we create a restaurant or a cafeteria, for the best employees’ serving and we suggest 15-days menus, tailored to their individual circumstances and working conditions. Cleanliness, quality food and service, are what we are characterized!

Well-organized and flexible business catering

AR SIGNATURE is successful due to having a clandestine catering method that is acknowledged only to our clients. We have joint worth, excellence and service and we affect them to each happening we accomplish.

You might sense that these are accurately the characteristics you desire in choosing your caterer!