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The wedding decorations are among the most basic elements that can transform a simple wedding in overproduction! You simply personalizes the style and theme of your wedding and the rest leave to the caterers! Flowers, bouquets of balloons, ribbons, bits of tulle, lanterns, candelabra, metal constructions, handmade candles, original bowls, elaborate flower arrangements and exotic fabrics will provide the style and character of your choice making the fairy atmosphere you wanted! There is a plethora of ideas for your marriage decoration for everything that has to do with this: 

Chair covers, head table décor, man-daps, banquet halls, wedding cake décor, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wedding backdrops, wedding Chuppas and many more!

For extra atmosphere in the room where your wedding will take part except from the classic candles you can use many small candles in glass lanterns. Imagine white or colored lanterns located everywhere or forming lighting aisles… Also you can create reflections with light by using floating candles in bowls of water. Candles are a very favorite idea and give a warm atmosphere. Another popular choice is gel candles, which contain various items such as flowers, shells and many other materials. Many couples choose to place small delicate objects on the table which definitely will not go unnoticed or even to decorate the tables with pink petals. Additionally, just think the theatricality that is added to the table by an impressive and large candlestick. Do not underestimate the ribbons and bows. Large bows on the backs of the chairs of your guests, or ribbons tied to pillars and jars will give a special touch! If there are plants or trees in the area you can dress them in long white ribbons branches or also you can hang numerous ribbons  at the  roof so that they will like an ethereal rain of ribbons ;really very impressive and it will be discussed several of your guests!

Also there is a wide range of centerpieces’ ideas to make your choice! You are able to modify every centerpiece as you want! According the style, the fabric and the color you can add flowers, balloons or glass decorations, that fit with each other and in combination with the lights, you can be that the table centerpiece will be exactly what you were looking for and it will leave your guests astonished!!The only thing you have to do is make your imagination to work and the magic will spread to the centerpiece and everywhere in the place you make the reception by highlighting straightforwardness and sophistication.

Colors and atmosphere are very essential decorations on wedding events. This can be achieved by setting at the central some decorations as an impressive floral arrangement, a statue or anything else you can choose that will cause the admiration of your guests. By selecting the accurate decorations, you set the basis to bring out the correct reaction from your visitors. Without a doubt there are plenty of things that you can select and create an excellent demonstration!!!Just share your ideas with the experts and you are going to be sure that they will make the impossible to make your wedding day the day that all of your guests will be talking for days!

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