Sweet and unique moments with premier desserts!

on Sunday, 01 July 2012. Posted in Catering

The marriage cake is the major sweet note in the wedding reception. Nevertheless, you are able to achieve further points for uniqueness with an extra variety of desserts too. From superb buffets wholly devoted to chocolate, to elite pastry desserts, mutually are alternatives that can donate to elevating the reception’s sugar levels!

Anywhere you are from; urban, village or town, there is bounce to be a classic dessert from the specific region. Therefore, I believe that is a great idea to serve tasty local mini cakes, instead of the large one. Try to be creative and   imaginative and give to the tradition a new, fresh modern turn. Here are some ideas:

  • Cheesecake bites: tasty nibbles of cheesecake.
  • Petit Fours: a variety of delightfully adorned petit fours to every table.
  • Cupcake Towers: a tower of cupcakes with numerous flavors and amazing decorations on the top of them! It will make a unique prototype sense in the eyes and the taste of your guests!

In addition, since we mentioned the place you are from, why don’t you “wed” your traditional, local desserts as well? I find perfect the idea to contain a number of your dessert past in your wedding. It will wake up memories for you and for your guests!

Moreover, as an extra idea is to have desserts from countries you would like to visit or you have already visited. Create a variety of desserts such as :cannolis from Italy, honey and pistachio baklava  from Greece, the famous date cake of Morocco ,macaroons from Paris .This is a chance to have a sweet voyage all around the world with your beloved ones and  a foretaste of your honeymoon trip ! If you want to personalize your desserts, comprise your monogram on a multiplicity of desserts.

Another fact that you can count on is that we have that special dessert that always makes us feeling better when we have a bad day. Delicious cookies with cream, vanilla pudding, irresistible ice cream with waffles, caramel sundae, and tasty chocolate cake accompanied with whipped cream– no matter what dessert can make you pleased it will certainly make your guests happy as well.

You can also contain in the dessert menu a particular dessert that will strike a chord to everybody of childhood era. Everyone remembers oversize bubble gums, caramels, popcorn, gummy bears, lollipops, or those yummy tiny chocolate pieces. No matter what you prefer, it will absolutely have great fun to comprise in the marriage, still as a marriage favor: make a variety of glass jars included these desserts and leave small bags next to them, so your visitors can fill up their preferred ones and take these at home.

Create a Chocolate buffet. Especially your guests –and I believe that they are going to be many of them-who are chocolate lovers the specific buffet will be an oasis to their eyes! Hot and cold chocolate, chocolate cookies, truffles, chocolate ice cream with biscuits ,chocolate liquor, chocolate fountain…a buffet-temple devoted to chocolate…they are going to remind this, with nostalgia, many days after your reception!

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