Top trends and inspirations for a unique wedding!

on Thursday, 02 August 2012. Posted in Wedding

You have arranged everything, you are about to make the perfect wedding, but you have the feeling that something is missing! Here are some ideas that will inspire you and put the final touch to your unique and amazing wedding painting!

Top trends and ideas that will take off your wedding reception!

on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Wedding

You are at the point that you have selected the venue, the main decoration, the catering and you believe that everything is just perfect! Are you totally sure? Wouldn’t you like to set a magic sparkle to the setting, which going to take off your wedding reception or your special event? There is a miscellaneous collection of event decorations that will convert your party into an unforgettable and thrilling happening! Give the chance to you and your guests to have an outstanding time! Here we quote some innovative ideas that will impress your guests and make your event magical.

Let us decorate your dream!

on Saturday, 23 June 2012. Posted in Wedding

Here are some proposals with combination of AR SIGNATURE’s experience that will create memorable decorations and settings, making your wedding day like living the dream!


Taking into consideration that wedding guests classically observe the reception sitting down, it is essential for you to provide each one of them by a stellar and astonished experience—not only appetizing fare, but also an undeniable, delightfully comprehended tabletop. What are the details to convert a simple happening to a spectacular? Take ideas from the stylish examples that AR SIGNATURE proposes you, every entirely recommended, in magnificent colors and materials!