1) British Asian Catering

BAC LOGOOur partners from British Asian Catering feel confident about success and are most adequate for providing a high profile service based on the client's needs. Tasty treats, intimate setting, excellent organization, ideas, fast service, knowledge, and experience are at the disposal of the clients to make unique moments that will remain unforgettable.

British Asian Catering has a long history in the field of catering.

Their experience combined with excellent quality, perfect taste and impeccable service are the reasons to for AR Signature to choose British Asian Catering as a partner. They have an enormous selection of appetizers, cold and main dishes, seafood, salads, barbecue food, as well as cocktails and other drinks and refreshments. They will be taking good care of everything needed by the client. With fresh ingredients, prototype or traditional recipes all made with much imagination and the signature of British Asian Catering.

British Asian Catering promises culinary delights, friendly environment, excellent organization, ideas, fast service, knowledge, and experience. British Asian Catering is available to create exceptional moments for unique persons. The menu can be customized according to your taste and preferences. What characterizes them and makes them distinguished is the combination of pure materials with quality and sophisticated multi-cuisine. Any wedding reception will be one, which will make the guests talking about it quite some time. Adding to this that, if it has to do with a professional event or conference, British Asian Catering will put its culinary and aesthetic touches to win the trust and appreciation of even the most demanding customer or partner. 

2) Premier Desserts

premier logoOur partnership with Premier Desserts promises that all the sweet dreams of our customers will become reality. They create exquisite desserts from excellent quality materials and depending on the season, they change the menu of sweets and the result is that the clients can choose from a huge range of sweets and lose themselves in their rich and sweet flavor. Having a selection between cakes, tarts, mousses, ice creams, puddings, sweets and other refrigerator desserts and add flirting with a variety of cakes, biscuits, tarts, brownies, cookies and petit-fours, Premier Desserts always uses the purest quality materials to create perfect and unique desserts made with love.

With their experience, they are capable to suggest inspiring choices and simultaneously to be inspired by the excellent cooperation with customers and partners, fulfilling their dreams, plans and ideas. Each dessert brings their signature. This makes them responsible for the clients’ enjoyment and they try to complete every satisfaction; even of the most discerning palates.

Premier Dessert’s guarantees that with the expertise and specialized knowledge on the art of pastry - held by the impeccably trained staff - will deliver the maximum confidence, creating spectacular and culinary scenery that will promote our clients as the perfect host of all the seasons! If you desire to make your event stand out with a great variety of culinary proposals and in particular, for those looking for perfection, then the only choice is AR Signature with Premier Desserts.